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VBO Premium toothbrush for adults, blue


A toothbrush that really cleans your teeth.

VBO Premium toothbrush - the first toothbrush in the world with black silica infused bristles.

After brushing with the Premium VBO Toothbrush, the teeth get smoother and the feeling of clean teeth and mouth lasts significantly longer.

When using the VBO Premium toothbrush, to achieve truly clean teeth, we recommend using Theodent.

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Dr. Vesna Kaloh, a world-renowned specialist for Invisalign invisible dental braces, has developed a unique toothbrush in collaboration with Kanagawa Dental University in Japan.

The basic guideline of the development was to create the most effective toothbrush that cleans all surfaces of the tooth. The VBO premium toothbrush can do this, as it has a suitable head shape and size to reach even incorrectly positioned and partially erupted teeth. It can also be used very effectively by those with a narrower jaw. At the same time, the side bristles are narrowed and lengthened at the tips to reach into the spaces between the teeth and under the gum line, thus cleaning hard-to-reach places.

The surfaces of the bristles are rough (on a microscopic level) due to the impregnated black silica, so they remove plaque more effectively than classic smooth bristles. In addition, black silica releases negative ions when brushing, which reduces the rate of formation of new plaque. black silica is an ore found only on the island of Hokkaido in Japan.


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Free shipping for orders over 40 € for SLO and over 70 € for EU.