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Theodent PROFFPACK 72


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Theodent ™ Classic (mint whitening), the luxury toothpaste without fluoride, with Rennou ™ formula for the remineralization of dental enamel.

The elegant PROFFPACK 72 package containing 3 96.4 g Theodent Classic luxury toothpastes will make you smile by restoring whiteness to your teeth and remineralizing their enamel.

Theodent ™ Classic toothpaste is now available at a special price in the PROFFPACK 72 package.

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The Rennou formula, the exclusive ingredient of Theodent Classic toothpaste, contributes to the natural processes of reconstitution and remineralization of dental enamel. Regular use of Theodent Classic keeps the polish strong, smooth and shiny.

Rennou's exclusive formula contains theobromine, calcium acetate and sodium phosphate, ingredients that heal the enamel, contribute to the natural remineralization of the teeth and help prevent tooth decay. The paste does not contain fluoride, sulphates, parabens and preservatives.

Theodent Classic toothpaste with its fresh mint flavor is suitable for the whole family except children under three years old. Regular use will ensure that your teeth retain their natural whiteness. To obtain an optimal result it is not necessary to use an excessive quantity of the pasta; the narrow spout of the tube prevents overdosing so that Theodent Classic lasts longer than any other toothpaste.


Purified water, hydrated silica, sorbitol, xylitol, glycerin, sodium lauroyl sarcosincate, xanthan gum, titanium oxide, citric acid, spearmint oil, sodium benzoate, stevia extract, sodium bicarbonate and sugar-free vanilla extract , calcium acetate, sodium phosphate, theobromine, limonene.

Rennou ™ ingredients: theobromine, calcium acetate and sodium phosphate.

Package contents: 3 tubes of 96.4 g.


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