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Divine amber musk perfume block


Moroccan Black Amber resin blocks are made according to an age-old traditional recipe and are composed of vegetable extracts. An indigenous raw natural fragrance. This natural amber resin smells divine and can be used as a perfume or room fragrance. It can be rubbed on the skin, kept in the wardrobe or sprinkled in drawers as a natural, exotic fragrance. Proved to help with anxiety, this calming fragrance can also be used in aromatherapy to air relaxation. It is associated with emotional balancing, grounding, purification, luck & love. The added musk is also considered as a powerful natural aphrodisiac that works on both. This sophisticated fragrance is synonymous for seduction and provocation of the senses as it awakens the hormonal system.

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How to use 

You can use Black Amber in various ways as: perfume for your skin deodorant an air fragrance in the house in the closet in a scent burner in the car (keep out of the sun) When the smell diminishes after a while, scrape a little bit off the stone. This will release a new scented layer. The scrapings that come off this can be put in the vacuum cleaner. WARNING : Please do not eat non food product!


Musk Ambrette, Musk Xylol, Vanaline, Rose powder.

Origin: Made in Marocco.


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Free shipping for orders over 40 € for SLO and over 70 € for EU.