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I'm Josip Iličić and I'm happy to share my delightful experience with the outstanding Theodent toothpaste. I came across this toothpaste quite by chance while surfing the web while I was undergoing treatment in hospital for oral problems. I was immediately attracted to Theodent because of its high price and unusual ingredients. Interestingly, although my dentist was only superficially familiar with the paste, he also mentioned its positive effects, which further encouraged me to try it. The results were astonishing after just two days of use.

I was particularly pleased to learn that Theodent does not contain harmful chemicals. It has become my faithful oral care companion, outperforming all previous products I have used. Theodent Kids has also won the hearts of my children with its chocolate flavour, which further motivates them to practice good oral hygiene.

I noticed that Theodent is not available over-the-counter in the EU, so I suggested to my friends that we start distributing this amazing toothpaste and make its unique benefits available to a wider range of people.

After much negotiation, we managed to become the exclusive distributor for Europe and I am delighted to take on the role of Theodent Ambassador for the EU, as I want to share my experience and belief in the outstanding benefits of this toothpaste.

Theodent is not just a conventional toothpaste; it is a real revolution in tooth care based on natural ingredients. I invite you to join this revolution and let Theodent become an indispensable part of your daily oral care routine.

Josip Iličić, professional footballer and Slovenian national team player


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Discover the revolutionary fluoride-free toothpaste that provides you with a sparkling smile without fear of harmful ingredients - Theodent!

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