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I started using Theodent toothpaste quite by accident. While browsing the web, I was most attracted by the high price or the ingredients that make it so expensive. I took the time to read in detail what the toothpaste actually had to offer me. I was very impressed by the main ingredient, which is cocoa.

I ordered it out of curiosity, because I did not believe that such a natural ingredient could help to prevent tooth sensitisation while keeping teeth naturally white. After the first use, I loved Theodent toothpaste and I wouldn't change it for the world. My children also use and love Theodent Kids toothpaste because it tastes like chocolate.

However, as I could not find it for sale, I suggested to my friends that they start importing it into the EU to make it more accessible to everyone.

And so began our Theodent story. To our mutual satisfaction, they decided to use my nickname on the Proffshop website and I happily accepted the role of Theodent Ambassador for the EU.

Josip Iličić, professional footballer and Slovenian national team player


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